Here are some sketching practices I did and posted to Tumblr, using Paper by FiftyThree and its must-have, best-user-experience stylus Pencil by FiftyThree. Actually, those two are the things I miss most after I sold my iPad mini for Kindle.

My interest of drawing starts from watching the cartoon and reading Comics (My favorite ones are Doraemon, Slum Dunk, and Dragon Ball). Having not been drawing from middle school, this pulse arose again after joined my master program in Human Computer Interaction at IU, where sketching the UIs, and scenarios were our daily work and critical skills to us, and I felt the urgent needs to pick it up again.

I believe many other books are teaching you how to draw too. For beginners, I would recommend 《You Can Draw in 30 Days》by Mark Kistler. By following this quick and easy step-by-step instructions and doing one drawing per day, you can build up your confidence quickly. And then 《Drawing Ideas》 by Mark Baskinger could be something you want to read too. It is one step further than the previous book, from this you can learn how to use that skill for idea exploration, explanation, and story-telling.