Good UX design portfolios are not well shared

Every UX designer has a design portfolio site. As their own gardens, designers can design their sites whatever they like. Many fantastic UX design portfolios sites are out there with top-niche case studies. Fortunate enough that I have been collecting them as my list of top portfolios ever since I was in school. The problem is, everyone might have created his/her list, but not all of them are shared with others. Those crafted little gardens are mostly discovered by recruiters, design leads and those who are looking for talented designers to join their team. Another scenario of when it is disclosed is when someone comes across it via Design community like Dribbble, Behance. You will either need to know this person first or happen to see it. We have seen lots of UI design collections, landing page design collections, but there isn’t a collection of good UX portfolios. A centric hub where the portfolio is the main content, all shared by fellow UX designers?

Here is our chance to change that with

This inspires me to started building this website: Currently, the portfolios here are mostly my collections. Some are suggested by friends. Personal point of view always feels subjective. To minimize that I added guest submit feature and voting system. Everyone can suggest a UX portfolio s/he likes, however, you’ll need to sign up to vote. This is to prevent bot or spam system that might mess the voting. So far it is still a beta version. Eventually, I also want to make sign up looks more worthy by allowing registered users to add portfolios they like to their collections. The good news is Sign up is easy. You can sign up with either Facebook(most popular social network site) or Email(most common). Browsing the portfolios are easy too. You don’t have to open multiple tabs, or Google around to find good UX design portfolios.

We can make together

With all your help, I hope could become:

  1. A go-to source for students and others who wants to see best UX works, learning from others work. As an HCI student myself who came from an engineering background, I used don’t know how to present my works to hiring companies, nor do I have a good place to learn from other people’s workflow efficiently (which was before Medium was this popular when I was in school).
  2. A way to expose best UX designers to the world, on a centric hub. It is true that you can find good UX designers from LinkedIn, Dribbble, Behance, but they are not specifically developed for showing and finding UX designers’ works.
  3. A place where designers can share the UX portfolios they like and improve the credibility and viewability with crowdsourcing.
  4. To contribute to the advocacy of showing your design thinking process. And help others to understand that UX design is more than making things beauty.

Fellow UX designers, please feel free to suggest good UX portfolios you like. You can either submit it via the site or Twitter @topux_work. Let’s grow this community together.


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